BM is built on a human scale and relies on a small team of internal associates supported by a large network of qualified and independent partners worldwide.


Addressing a case follows a well-defined process, composed of the following steps:

  1. 1Preliminary case study and understanding of the situation
  2. 2Problem identification
  3. 3Defining the objectives together
  4. 4Setting the different paths of solution
  5. 5Decision-making and action plan
  6. 6Actions to achieve the intended results
  7. 7Monitoring the results


In most cases, services are offered following hourly fees that depend on the nature of the tasks achieved and the consultant’s specialization.

Specific administrative tasks are priced at predefined fixed-fees that allow avoiding any surprises and ease the budgeting process for entrepreneurs. It is the case for an administration mandate, a company domicile, and a company incorporation.

In some entrepreneurial cases, the firm might engage in a performance-based compensation tied to accomplishment of the entrusted mission. It can be done by acquiring stakes in a project, or following a certain percentage of the stakes involved. These cases are subject to the Board’s approval.

Our Swiss fees are the following:

Administrative tasks

CHF 110.00 HTVA (7.7%)/ hour
(Swiss clients )

EUR 100.00 HTVA (0%)/ hour
(Foreign clients )

Operational tasks

CHF 275.00 HTVA (7.7%)/ hour
(Swiss clients )

EUR 255.00 HTVA (0%)/ hour
(Foreign clients )

Strategic tasks

CHF 310.00 HTVA (7.7%)/ hour
(Swiss clients )

EUR 285.00 HTVA (0%)/ hour
(Foreign clients )

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