Beyond Management (BM) is a business-consulting firm located in Zug (in German-speaking Switzerland). BM is specialized in international taxation, entrepreneurial finance, strategic business development, and asset management.

Our motto is : Together, we go beyond management. Our team is composed of young problem-solvers coupled with a strong network of experienced advisors. This allows us to help entrepreneurs to take-up their professional and personal challenges, be they simple or complex.

We are from those who firmly believe in professional secrecy. We consider privacy and discretion as central values that we apply in every case and mandate entrusted to us.

BM helps you to make the most of a situation and seize the best opportunities, whilst managing the risk.

Unlike the traditional consulting firms or fiduciary offices, we offer a real involvement in your business while sharing our international network of partners and structures. This is the reason why the preliminary phase consisting in identifying your needs is essential.