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BM dedicates its skills and expertise to a clientele of private individuals looking for advice in taxation (either to optimize an existing situation or to be assisted in settling a dispute), or asset management (investments, family-office, inheritance). Among its clients, BM is proud to have talented entrepreneurs and public figures from all over the world.


The hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax.


In all modesty, we shall respond « And what if he had known us? ».

As entrepreneurs, you have moral responsibilities toward your family members, partners, associates, and employees. As a consequence, and within the limits of the law, it is your legitimate right to look for a decrease in your overall tax burden. To help you paying your fair share, nothing more, nothing less, our team offers the following services:

  • Optimizing your personal situation from a holistic point of view
    • Sources and types of revenues
    • Wealth and personal assets
    • Personal status and activities
  • Fiscal residence according to your personal and professional situation, your tastes and family ties
  • Assistance in changing your fiscal residence
    • Selecting the right country
    • Preparing the application documents
    • Certifications and translations
    • Assistance with local immigration authorities
    • Real estate research within our network (either to buy or to rent)
    • Related administrative services
    • Assistance in obtaining a permanent residence
    • Assistance in obtaining a second nationality
  • Assistance in your tax filings, contact with local tax administration (certificate of tax residence and application of special fiscal regimes as for example the Swiss Lump Sum taxation regime).

Tax dispute and banking issue

For the past few years, BM partners have truly specialized in settling tax disputes and resolving banking issues. From selecting the right team of specialized lawyers to setting up the winning strategy, BM helps you to protect your legal and financial interests, against institutional players. We solve the most complicated tax and banking issues.


Our team leads and advises you in preserving and investing your capital, in accordance with your needs and objectives. BM is neither an asset management company, nor a financial intermediary. This allows us to act as a total independent advisor. Our team is there to guide you and connect you with the best industry professionals after defining your investor profile. We also assure the protection of your interests in the framework of the mandates you confer on us.

The current political and economic turmoil drives us to deviate from traditional financial portfolios to consider alternative investments such as real estate, art, or even precious stones. To succeed in this diversification strategy, we have partnered with the best actors in each field.

To protect and fructify your hard-earned assets, we offer the following services:

  • Definition of your investor profile and study of your needs and objectives
  • Recommendation to the best Private Banks within our network
  • Organizing pooling of investments with other individuals from our network
  • Risk and return assessment for projects in the following sectors:
    • Real-estate in our geographical areas of expertise
    • Private Equity
  • Offering and analysing opportunities in the following areas:
    • Art (African and Contemporary art)
    • Precious stones
    • Precious metals
    • Jewellery
    • Luxury goods


Our team offers estate-planning services both concerning movable and immovable property, all around the world. As soon as a succession starts, BM provides you with the right advise for you to preserve your family’s interests. We help you to handle the relationship with tax authorities, banks, notaries, and other heirs-at-law.

Little extra

We are also pleased to share with our clients our network of selected partners offering all kinds of products and services related with the art of living.

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